How can I buy an allowlist spot?
Whitelist spots as purchased with credits. You can claim 2 free credits per day and use these to purchase any available allowlist spot.
Where can I contact the team?
Email: - Discord:
How many allowlist spots can I get per project?
Each user is limited to 1 allowlist spot per project.
How do I know if I got an allowlist spot?
Connect your wallet to the site, and go to your profile. Profiles are used to track all allowlist spots you have purchased and look at your credit claim/buy history.
What should I do after purchasing an allowlist spot?
After confirming the allowlist spot on your profile, we recommend users to join the project’s discord server and follow their social to get their latest news. We will make sure your address is shared with the team leader of each project.


Can I submit a project for free?
Yes! All project submissions are free. Our team will make sure each project follows the website’s terms and conditions before being published.
How do I collect addresses after the project is closed?
Our team will use the contact information submitted to contact each project leader through email or discord. We will send a file with all the allowlisted addresses submitted.
Can I edit information about my project after submission?
Yes. If you want to change any information about a project submitted or publish, please contact us through Email: or Discord. We will get back to you in less than 24 hrs.